FIBAA Akkreditierung
15 Jahre GM

Dr. Melrona Kirrane

Dublin City University Business School

Dr. Kirrane is a Registered Psychologist and gained her degrees from the National University of Ireland and The Queen's University of Belfast. She lectures in the field of Organizational Psychology, with her main teaching areas including Employee Selection and Assessment, Leadership & Decision-Making, Employee Well-Being and Change Management at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is particularly interested in the application of Psychoanalytic principles and frameworks to the organizational context.  She maintains an active research agenda and is currently involved in research projects concerning Leadership, Strategic Change and Organizational Silence.

Research Interests:
Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations; Organizational Silence; Personality and Work; Leadership; Strategic Change

McCarthy, Grady, Darcy & Kirrane (2008): Work Life Balance: Policies and Practices in Irish Organisations.  Oak Tree Press, Dublin

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